Nail Procedures

Useful fact!

Did you know that IGTN are the commonest problem requiring a procedure in the whole foot and ankle in Australia.

Ingrown toenails occur when the side of the nail cuts into the skin beside the nail. IGTN can be caused by poorly cut nails, trauma to the nail, nail plate infection or genetics where the nail is too wide or too deep for the toe.

If you have an ingrown nail you may experience the following; red and swollen around the skin, pain at the ingrown site,


The primary goal of an IGTN is to remove the portion of the nail in which is causing the discomfort.

To achieve this, the most common element of all ingrown nail procedures is a requirement to remove the nail plate in the area of concern and treat this section with a chemical substance called phenol in which is used to prevent future reoccurrences. This procedure is performed under local anaesthetics to ensure that it is a pain free experience.

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