At FASA we are ready to collaborate with YOU!

FASA houses internationally recognised presentations, the following are ready-to-go presentations that we can deliver for you.

  • Trauma principles – In office management of foot and ankle trauma – the principles outlined /reviewed from injury to rehab.
  • Injection therapies – When and how and what products for a range of foot and ankle pathologies. Includes workshop and discussion of injectable agents that a general NZ pod can currently access.
  • Anti-fungal medication workshop – A pragmatic approach to combining minor procedures with over the counter medications for nail and skin pathology.
  • Plantar plate injury and forefoot pathology – A review of the pathology, etiology and management principles. Workshop on forefoot evaluation to support this activity.
  • Cam walkers & and braces! – When is it best not to use a CAM walker and braces helpful for what?
  • Below knee casting. A forgotten but critical skill set? – Short lecture with workshop.
  • A review/update on nail surgery
  • Podiatric surgery – What is it and does it really exist!
  • Don’t forget the medicine – A series of case studies which illustrate the importance of podiatric practitioners reviewing the patient from a medical lens.
  • Hallux rigidus – a biomechanical or a bio medical problem?

To Book in for your community group, health care professionals, GP and fellow podiatrists/surgeons simply contact us at, and if there is a topic you would like covered that you can’t see on this list let us know as we endeavour to suit your preferences.

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