Minimal Invasive Surgery


Founder of FASA Mark Gilheany was the first Foot and Ankle specialist to be certified in minimally invasive surgical techniques, he was also the first to publish his findings (please see Marks current literate). At FASA we are the pioneers for MIS procedures.

Minimal Incision Surgery

Minimal Incision surgeries (MIS) can be defined as the performance of ossified(hardened) and soft tissue procedures through the smallest possible working incision without direct visualisation of deeper structures.

At FASA this technique not limited to but including the following procedures; hallux valgus, tailors bunionette deformity, central metatarsal pathology and lesser toe deformities.

The increased benefits of MIS include;

  • ­ reduced post -operative pain
  • ­ better cosmetic outcomes
  • ­ shorter operating times
  • ­ reduced scarring
  • ­ reduced risk of infection

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