Surgery foot and ankle


In office

Not all procedures have to be at a Hospital setting. At FASA we are able to provide you with many in house surgical procedures that include common foot problems and not limited to;

  • Hammertoe repair
  • In grown toenail
  • Removal of warts/lesions

These procedures are cost effective and allow you to remain ambulatory.  We can fit into your routine without too much hassle.

Surgical centre

Sir John Monash Private Hospital(SJMPH)

An extensive range of foot and ankle procedures can be performed on a day case basis. In Melbourne we currently use for day surgeries that do no require a over night stay you can choose either SJMPH or Masada. However it is important to note that when discharged you have to be discharged to somebody for 24 hours post your procedure.

Hospital based

Masada Private Hospital

Masada private Hospital located in East St Kilda has the facilities for over night stay if you do not have the support at home. We still perform day surgeries here however if you do require a night stay then Masada is for you.

For more about Masada hospital please follow this link

We can also provide a high level of expertise in managing your pain syndromes and injuries in convenient locations.

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